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I have a user that reported an issue today that I haven’t seen before. The user in our system is “whooyman”. He is able to move quotes into his queue (called “Engineering Review”), but is not able to move quotes out of his queue to any other queues. Specifically, he needs to be able to move quotes to “Estimating”, but it seems like no matter what queue he tries to move the quote to, it says “Quote moved to Engineering Review” at the top and the quote stays where it was. I played around with it a bit and I am struggling to figure out what this could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you for reaching out to us about this! We apologize about the inconvenience this is causing. We have seen an issue where the workflow stages will not update for a user in particular scenarios. One quick workaround for this is to have another user move that quote out of his queue. Another method would be to clone the Quote and that normally lets the user change workflow stages from that new Quote.

However, we have a few questions about this instance ‘whooyman’ is having. Is he unable to move every quote or is it limited to a specific quote? Also has there been any updates recently on this user’s roles?


It seems to be happening with every quote. We have not made any changes to roles for this user (or any user as far as I know) since this issue began happening. Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks!

Hi, Alex,

We tried going into the system as ‘whooyman’ but didn’t find any current quotes, so we tried creating a new one. We first assigned the new quote to Wayne’s queue Engineering Review and then were able to successfully reassign it out of his queue to Estimating with Alex.

Would you be able to send a specific quote number that is having issues?

Cetec ERP Support

Try this one: Cetec ERP We created it as a test and can leave it open. Also to be more specific, our user ‘whooyman’ can not move these out of his queue, but other users, including me can move them out of his queue for him. Is this maybe some kind of permissions issue/conflict?


Thank you for that test quote we have done some more digging here and found that under the ‘Access Control’ feature your team has several ‘Access Control Points’ that are set to “Yes” even though there is no rule below set to “Allow” or “Deny”. Here is the list of access controls under Admin>Users>Access Control Cetec ERP.

Our engineering team recommends changing any of these Access Controls that are relavent to “NO”. This should clear up any conflicting controls that are preventing ‘Whooyman’ from updating the Workflow Stage assignment.

Let us know if you have any questions or if he still is unable to move the workflow to the next stage.

Best Regards,


I verified that all items in that list beginning with “accesscontrol/” are set to “No”. The user is still unable to move quotes out of their queue though unfortunately. I’m not sure if I am updating the right items though. Curious what you guys think!




Thank you for your patience on this. We finally got it figured out. It looks like the user has an email password in their profile that is incorrect, thus the assignment fails. This message is showing up: “Username and Password not accepted.”

If they fix that, or clear it, you should be okay!

Let us know if you need further help on this. Hope that gets it worked out.

Cetec ERP Support