Quote workflow issue

When we open up the quote assignment screen to move a quote to the next stage, the user options that are normally there are gone. For every different quoting stage, the options for who to assign it to are showing the options for whatever stage it’s currently in rather than the correct list of people. Hopefully this makes sense. This just started happening this morning with no changes to our settings. When I go to the screen where you edit the workflow assignment options (Edit Workflow States And Possible Assignments Quote), they look correct. Please help! Thanks.

Same issue here. I can see the list if the quote is already in Review state, but not for new quotes.

I have a band aid fix that I did quick to keep things moving. For us, we have one user who enters orders in our first workflow stage called “sales editing”. This user then moves it to one of a few different stages. I put any users this person would need to move a quote to as an option in the “sales editing” queue, which then makes their names show up as an option for the other queues as well. Hope this helps in the short term!

Thanks… for now my quote person is just providing Sales with the quote number to pull up and review!

Same issue here with PQuote workflow.

@abeausoleil @robinl @d.oconnell - wanted to let you all know that our product team is aware of the issue with workflows/assignments. We are actively digging into it and will keep you all posted once this is resolved.

Sorry for the issue, appreciate everyone’s patience.

This should be resolved as of now for all Cloud instances.

And, this should be resolved as of now for all Resident Instances that may have been affected by it.

Looks to be resolved! Thank you.