quotes and invoices

Customer Quotes (Sales-> quotes) have these Customize PDF check boxes:

  • Resale (displays as “Unit Price”, correlates to list price, aka “Base Price” in the invoicing portion of Cetec)
  • Discount (applies per unit)
  • Extended Price (shows the extended, discounted price)

Invoices (Sales-> Invoices) have these Customize PDF check boxes:

  • Base Price (displays as “Base price”)
  • Discount (applies per unit)
  • Resale (net price per unit, displays as “Unit Price”)
  • Extended Resale (shows the extended, discounted price)

As quotes are set up, the customer has to do the math to come up with the per unit resale price. However, once the sale is booked, the discounted resale price is displayable in the invoice.

My customers (government) have requested the discounted, resale price per unit be shown on the quotes I provide to them before the order is booked. While I can manually override pricing it the quote in a pinch (not using discounts), this is bad practice and leads to pricing inconsistencies which have potential penalties from the government.

Please add the “Resale” (net price per unit) display field to the customer quotes PDF options which will enable the pricing and discount features to be utilized.

Please also harmonize the field naming convention between quotes and invoices (e.g. “Resale” means two different things in Cetec depending on where we are in the sales process).

For my customers, List price, Discount, Discounted Unit Price, Extended Price are the typical language.

Hi Greg,
It looks like you’ve got some great suggestions here!

Some of these things can be accomplished by using Custom Documents. Some of them (Discount effects) are possible, but would be quite difficult.

I’ll pass these suggestions on to Engineering to see if they will take them into consideration for future adjustments.