ramification of changing Work Locations

What is the ramification of changing our Work Locations? (…/tablemaint/OrdlineStatus/edit).

We’re figuring out that we went into too much detail when initially defining different work locations and hoping we can pair these down to a manageable number of locations…For example, someone thought it’d be neat to create a “work location” for all the possible operations/tasks you can do in a certain room. So in some cases, we have 20-25 identical work locations, but described with different tasks/operations…

any recommendations, warnings or best practices here?

Hi, Regis,

The main advice we have would be the advice found on that data maintenance page you referenced:

Warning: Removing/Changing data may have repercussions on other related data sets.
If you want to modify a row that has been added already, we strongly recommend that you rename the row rather than delete the row - deleting the row could orphan off any related data.

Cetec ERP Support

In addition, it’s best to add the correct work locations, make sure orders in process get moved to then new ones, and then delete the old. That change is going to affect labor plans as well.

Hope that helps!

Cetec ERP Support