RAW002087 overwrote RAW000083 ?

It seems as if RAW002087 overwrote RAW000083 in our inventory. If you go to the “Crosses” of RAW000083, you’ll see what the actual part that it should be… but instead the entire part record seems to be a duplicate of RAW002087. Can you provide insight as to what happened?

@regisphilbin Doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary.

Search your usage log, [cetec url]/admin/usage_stats, for “%part/324%” in the URL field. 9/27 looks like there were a couple of edits to the part record. Then on 9/28 the part was cloned, and the cloed part details shows " “new_prcpart”: “RAW002087”,"

Hope that helps clear this up for you!

yes. thanks…