when printing receipt labels it does not show the bin location.
Can I change that? I cannot find it anywhere it just says that it is auto generated. Is there a way to have bin location printed on the label?


Let me look into this for you. I’ll get back to you soon.

Cetec ERP Support

Hello again,

I looked into this and searched around to see if there is a config setting that would affect this, and there doesn’t appear to be. If you would like to have a custom document created for the receipt label so that it includes the bin location, I can check with our engineering team and get a quote back to you for that work.

Just let us know, and thanks,

Cetec ERP Support

Have you had a chance to get the quote I requested for this?


I hadn’t heard back on this thread whether or not you wanted to put in that request, and didn’t want to take action without your approval. Did you request it somewhere else? If so, let me know where, and I can check on the status of that request. If not, it sounds like you are wanting to put in that development request now? Just let me know either way and I’ll go from there.

Cetec ERP Support

I responded to an email I received but I now see that it did not have a good email address so I guess no-one was working on this
Please quote to see how much it would be.
I am sure this would be helpful to everyone once parts are used on production floor they would know where to put extra parts instead of looking in the system for a bin location every time.
Is this something that could be added without charges during one of your upgrades?

Sounds good. I’ll put in the request for either custom doc work or a general feature request and let you know what I hear back from our product management team.

In talking with product management, their thought was that there isn’t a general need for this across all companies as, oftentimes, parts are received into a general “NEW” bin at the time of receiving and then assigned a bin in the separate put away process. So, they didn’t go for the idea of this being something to add to the system as a whole.

However, they did give me a quote for custom document work where they would add a bin location field to the receipt label. They would just need to find out from you what bin to assign to that field: the preferred bin? The primary bin?

They’re saying that the work on that custom doc would be billed at actual and would take an estimated 30 minutes to complete.

Do you want to approve this development request? Let me know, and also let me know which bin you’d want to show up there, and I’ll communicate that to the team.

Cetec ERP Support

When you are looking at the main part screen there is a spot in “Part Bin Data” under receipt# you can either print a label or move the bin, I need to be able to click label and it print the label for “that” bin location not just a generic bin to print.

Okay, so just to make sure I’m clearly communicating to our engineers, you want to be able to go to the part record, go to Part Bin Data, and click “label” here


and see, in this case, Bin A-10-01 included on this label:


Did I get that right?


Okay, perfect. Thanks for that clarification.

In talking with product management just now, they were saying that there is also the receipt label that is found on the PO line receipt screen here:

That label looks the same as the one you are talking about on the part screen, but is technically handled differently. Can that one be left untouched, or were you wanting to add the bin location to that one, too?

Sounds like they are happy to make one or both happen. Just let me know what you’re wanting and I’ll pass that info along.

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This one

Okay, sounds good. I’ll get that request in and let you know when the work’s been completed.


I heard back from the product management team: That document has been updated! I just tested it here to make sure the new bin location field was showing up and was accurate and it looks good to go.

Let us know if you need any more help on this.

Cetec ERP Support

looks great thank u so much

Absolutely. Glad it’s what you were hoping for!

Was this something developed for the particular customer?
We would also like to have the bin number on the label when printed from the Part Bin Data, and were also considering adding the Reorder Point field from the Warehouse Data.