Receiving emails to whoever is currently assigned in the workflow

I used to always receive an email any time someone assigns my name in the work flow. Now, they are assigning my name and I am not receiving emails. Could you please advise? This just started this morning and I have been using Cetec since August 2022. I did not make any changes to the account for this to occur suddenly.
I do want to note that this is happening to everyone at my company using the workflow feature, not just me.


We’re looking into this and will keep you updated.

The Cetec Team


I tested this by creating a user profile with my email address, assigning my user to receive nag alerts when a pquote is moved to the approved state, creating pquote, and moving that pquote to the approved state.

I did receive an email, so in other words, I was not yet able to reproduce the issue (see what you’re seeing).

Are there only specific workflow states on which this is happening, or is no one receiving any of these emails? Any links/screenshots are helpful.

The Cetec Team

Here is an example.
The first screenshot is the owner, Maddisyn, creating the PQuote and going to the workflow to (reassign, keep working) to Tracy. Maddisyn put Tracy’s name next to the (reassign, keeping working) in which Tracy should have received an email of this but she did not.

The second screenshot is now Tracy working on the same PQuote. The only way Tracy knew she was assigned to this PQuote is because Maddisyn verbally told her the number of the PQuote in which she searched this on Cetec. She also could have looked in the “Tasks” feature but this does not notifiy her as an email would. Next, Tracy is going to (approve) and put Maddisyn next to it in hopes she will get an email of the workflow change.

The third screenshot is of Maddisyn assigned to the same PQuote-now a PO. Maddisyn should have gotten an email of this change but she did not.

Each time someone reassigns the workflow to a person, that person should get an email with a link as a notification that they are currently assigned to the PQuote/PO. This was working this way for months until Friday morning.

It looks like this could be partially due to a setting that needs to be enabled.

If you go to Admin > Maintenance > Workflow Maintenance, then click into PQuote, then go down to the “State: Working” section, make sure that the checkbox is checked next to “Enable Priority/Nag Alerts?”.

Let us know if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

The Cetec Team

Note: I believe this needs to be done by someone with the “Admin” user role.

Also, I did check the email logs to make sure that all recent emails that were set up to send from Cetec had sent, and I did not see any unsuccessful emails. Because of this, I’m thinking this does have to do with a setting that still needs to be activated.

Our admin says this feature just sends up unnecessary emails. Not the important ones like I was talking about - updates when the the status of the workflow changes to a specific person.
He has asked if we can get support with the email setup. We use Gmail.

That checkbox is the way to alert someone when the pquote is in the working state and assigned to a new person.

What kind of support is your admin looking for? We are able to help with setting up which notifications are sent out of Cetec, but don’t have any control over how Gmail would filter those emails. Would you be able to provide more detail about the type of support your admin is hoping for?

The Cetec Team

The check boxes are already marked and they have been since we started using Cetec. We just did some additional testing and seen that on Cetec it says the email was successful but we did not receive an email.

I just tested this out by reassigning @msmith to PQuote 594 & 669.
In the email logs status = “success” but she is not receiving the email

I’m seeing that, on the pquote workflow maintenance page here - Cetec ERP - the boxes are all checked except for the one next to State: Working.

Let me take a look at the examples you provided in your next message.

I’m working through this with one of our engineers. He’s wanting to know if this (the emails that are showing as successful but not being received) is happening with every recipient or just certain recipients. I know in your original message, you stated that this was affecting everyone. Are there any users who have not been affected?

Also, we noticed that two users share the same email address. I’m not sure if that’s affecting anything, but are they the only two that share an address?

Thanks for helping us dig into this,

The Cetec Team

As we have tested this, it seems like this is affecting everyone (all users in the workflow) and not just myself or tsherrick.

Yes, tsherrick and msmith share the same email address. That is a generalized email for their department that way either of them can work on a PQuote or PO no matter if its assigned to one and not the other. The only issue we have had there (and we have always had this issue but assumed the same email sharing was the issue) is if msmith needs something assigned to/approved by tsherrick, she has to verbally tell her the PQuote/PO #. Otherwise, she would not know something is assigned to her because she never gets an email from msmith (assuming its because the software thinks its already assigned to that email and its just reassigning to that email again). But that is a whole different issue that we have been having ontop of this new one that started on Friday.

Please let us know when there is a resolution to this. We have been holding off on placing orders because we do not want to miss anything.

I know I have already said this but ever since the update on Friday, this changed. I am sure we did not reset any settings and have always relied on this feature.


We understand the urgency on this and I’m currently working on this with an engineer, cross referencing a report he has showing emails that go out from the system.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more information. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.

The Cetec Team


Just a note: as we’ve been testing this, a couple of your team members may have gotten emails about workflow assignments from “you” that we’re trying to send from the beta site.

What the engineer is wondering is whether you’d be able to try a few workflow assignment changes in the beta site? It’s still live production data in there, but this will help us see what’s going on.

Let us know if the emails are received.

Thank you,

The Cetec Team


I know you also said that you are holding off on placing orders. Although it’s not your normal process, there are other ways to find the information you need in Cetec so you can move forward with work while we’re investigating this for you.

For example, on the PQuote List report, if you click More Options in the header, there is the option to search by who PQuotes are assigned to.

Hope that helps,

The Cetec Team

We will have to do that for the time being although its not something we would like to continue.

msmith just assigned PQuote 678 to bwidener and he said he did get email link of this workflow change. He then reassigned, keep working it back to msmith and she did not get the email with the workflow change. msmith then reassigned, keep working to sconrand and he did get an email of this change. He then reassigned, keep working to msmith and she did not get an email.

Looks like anything going to msmith email (as well as tsherrick because she is not getting emails of these changes either and she and msmith share the same email) are not getting changes of anything happening in the workflow. I cannot test this out with everyone because it is very time consuming but this is what is happening right now. I am not sure if this is happening with anyone else in the workflow but I know Friday sconrad was not getting emails when I would assign him to stuff and now he is all of the sudden.

I know that was time-consuming, but we do appreciate the help trying to pinpoint where the error might be occurring. I’ll circle back with the engineers on this.

The Cetec Team

Just to verify, were you testing in the beta site or your live production environment?