Receiving Extra Part Quantity from PO When Vendor Sends More than Ordered


We recently purchased 15 parts from a vendor on a PO. The vendor generally builds some setup pieces prior to making the production run. If these setup pieces are conforming, then they just send those ‘extras’ to us. On this last order we got 21 good pieces while we only ordered 15. All 21 were indicated as the ‘received qty’ during the receiving process but only 15 now show up in inventory. How do we handle situations like this and how do I correct the current issue?

Thank you!

Any help here?

We’ve experience this as well. The way we’ve handled it is that we’ll updated our PO with a 2nd line item of the same part, but update the purchase price to $0.00. Then we make a “note” on the 2nd line item that these parts were extra…Would that be an option on your end?

Interesting idea. I’ll have to try it and see if it works.


@regisphilbin is correct, adding the additional parts as a separate line on the PO would allow you to receive against that PO for the additional parts, while not impacting the cost associated with the original order qty.

Let us know if you have any other questions about it!

We’ve tried this process of adding a separate line on the PO, and it appears that the system wants to force a new lot number and force the parts on the new line into a separate bin. This is not the desired behavior for our business for this situation. We would need to be able to have the same lot number and same bin for all items of a single P/N received on a single PO–irrespective of whether they were split into more than one line of the PO.

Is this possible?

As soon as a line is added to the PO, it will be on a different receipt since each line gets its own receipt. It doesn’t seem possible to disassociate with a bin number.

Are there any negative implications or considerations of conducting an inventory adjustment after the item is received. This process does seem to allow for the addition of a comment.

The main consideration there is that the adjustment to your inventory also includes an adjustment of your inventory value. Let’s say your bin cost for the part is $10. Instead of your value for that bin being $150, it would then be $210.

The other big implication is that you wouldn’t be able to perform a vendor return for these parts using the standard return button on the warehouse record, nor would you be able to cancel the receipt. Maybe not a huge issue for the parts in question, but just considerations to make before you decide what to do.

Thank you. These are certainly important considerations.

Any comments/input on the question about unique bins being forced for different line items of the same parts on the same PO? This is our chief concern with the PO line item addition approach since we really need these parts to carry the same lot number and be stored in the same bin since they’re from the same order.

Thanks as always!

If you need the lot codes to be the same, then you’d either need to change the PO qty prior to receiving in order to be able to receive the full qty, or receive the original order qty as normal and then do a bin adjustment.

OK. Thank you. At least I understand the various options.