Receiving / Incoming Inspections - current Workflow doesn't capture Vendor Performance.

Would there be a way to incorporate a “Work Order” interface from the Receiving Parts Page? example…

Right now, in order to capture time and provide receiving labor plans, we “receive the parts” into inventory, then create a Production Work Order to do the receiving inspection work… (/invoice/4707/view)

The issue with this method is that we don’t get to capture the vendor’s performance per your report (/vendor/93/grading).

Based on this example, in order to create a “work order” to perform the work on the parts, we have to “receive them into inventory first”, which bypasses the vendor performance grading tool…

I think it’d be nice to allow users to capture “labor plan”-like instructions, Inspection records & labor timekeeping during the Receiving parts page so that if parts fail, it can be “rejected” (in inspections as well as receiving parts page) and captured in the vendor’s performance Metrics screen…


Good question. On the receiving screen there is a section for “Inspection Notes.” Would this work for the “labor plan-like instructions” you mentioned or do you need multi-tier instructions for the receiving process?

There are ways to have default receiving instructions put in, but we want to first make sure we understand how you would want the instructions to function.

Cetec ERP Support