Receiving Parts Hang

While receiving we are only able to receive one line of a PO at a time. when trying to receive the next PO line two problems will happen:
1-Packing slip field will get empty(while using “Recieve & Keep PO” option)
2-Cetec will hang and won’t let proceed to receive the next line


Hey Sahar,

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Thank you for bringing this issue up, I wanted to let you know we’re currently aware of this and are working to get this resolved as quickly as we can. Until that fix is built out and merged though it’s advised to receive in a line of the PO, click ‘Receive & Keep PO’ and hard refresh the page so you can receive in the next line.

I know this is time consuming and an inconvenience, but until the fix is taken care of this is the workaround to keep receiving in lines on your PO. I’ll reply to this thread as soon as a fix has been deployed and let you know when you should expect to see that.

Cetec ERP Support

Hello, has a solution been found for this yet? It’s now over a month later and we have been dealing with the same issue described above. It is causing problems with receiving and also at times with creating vouchers because some lines show received, but the cost does not show.

Hi, there is still a problem with Receiving.
When PO has more than one line, we click “Recieve & Keep PO”, we have to type “Packing Slip #” each time.

Hey Jared,

A fix for that receiving issue was issued about a month ago across environments - just to clarify, you’re still having issues with the ‘Receive and Keep PO’ feature and also having po lines received in with $0.00 cost?

If you could confirm that I’ll get started testing this to build out a case for our engineering team. We also have a script to push through that would correct all of the po receipts that were generated showing $0.00 cost for a part although it has a cost on the part record.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention - I’ll get a customer case generated and begin this process.
Cetec ERP Support

I spoke to my receiving manager and he said the $0 part has not been an issue except 1 time, but the hanging up during receiving and having to refresh the screen each time is still going on as of yesterday


Thank you for this information update on this issue - I’ll route this info on over to our engineering team and get a test case for that receiving issue established. I’ll reach back out with an update as soon as one has been sent my way.

Cetec ERP Support

Receiving products this morning and it seems to be smoother and back to the way it was.

Hey Jared,

That’s great news the receiving team is reporting that the receiving process has returned to normal. Please let me know if you run into this issue again - you can either reply to this specific post or submit a new forum post.

Cetec ERP Support

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