We are having trouble processing our open reconciles. The beginning balance on all of them has changed to $1.00. Anytime we change it back to the actual beginning balance and submit it, it puts it back to $1.00.

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Are there any commas, or special characters in the amounts you’re entering?
For example, if you enter “1,000” then the comma may be causing a break and interpreting as “1”.
This is something our engineering team has been working to improve, but the best thing to do for now would be to make sure the dollar amount is entered without special characters. I.E. “1000.00” instead of “$1,000.00”

No special characters. We entered all of them like we always do. One of them we even had completely reconciled we just hadn’t closed it.

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Thanks for that information @kali. We’ll review this and see if we can find a solution for you. We’ll update you about it as soon as we can.

Having a similar issue. It applied to every reconciliation, even the closed ones from years ago.

Every cash account reconciliation is showing a starting balance of $0.00 and every credit card reconciliation is showing a starting balance of $1.00. I have not reopened any of these reconciliations, only pulled them up to check what is shown for the beginning balance.

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Since you mentioned it, I went back and looked at all open and closed ones and that is exactly what ours is doing as well.

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Following up with you here: Our engineers are working on a fix for the issue. We’ll keep you updated as a solution is implemented and pushed out to you.

One important thing to note is that this is only affecting the displayed value after the page loads. So for the previously closed reconciles, the stored value in the database hasn’t changed and will be correct once we fix the display issue. For the current/open reconciles, as long as the correct beginning balance is entered at the time you click update then the correct value will get stored. Just be careful about clicking update again after that because if the correct value isn’t re-entered then it will update to whatever value is displayed there at the time.

The fix for this has been completed, and will be pushed out to you in the next week or so.
In the meantime, please make sure that anytime you’re going to click update or open/close a reconcile that it has the correct beginning balance entered, despite the fact that it may appear to be incorrect when the page initially loads or reloads after updating.