reconfiguration of serial to new part number

Did the RMA / receiving PO process change recently in version 4.12? It used to be be that could edit the receiving PO to be at $0 instead of COGS or resale.

Separately but on a related note, we have the need to change the product configuration for a particular serial number. In Cetec, this means changing from one FIGxxxxxx to a different FIG while keeping the same serial number.

The system throws an error when we try to reconfigure a given serial number. For example we want to reconfigure SN0464 from FIG70011 to FIG80024 in the rework order, consuming FIG70011 into FIG80024 with the rework order specific BOM. For a variety of compliance and customer contract reasons, we need to maintain the same serial number.

We developed a job aid that goes through the transactions in detail but for obvious confidentiality reasons we are unable to post it to this forum.

RMA188 in our system is a good example with rework order 1633.1
The serial number was correctly consumed as a component but is not tracking as the Top Level or with the new FIG configuration.

And to bring it all back around, at the time this RMA was done (September 2023) we were able to change the receiving PO to $0 but now with version 4.12 (December 2023) we are no longer able to do that.


I apologize for the delay on this. When you say you can’t change the receiving PO to be $0 do you receive any sort of error?

Could you detail out the steps you take when you reconfigure a serial number? I’m not exactly sure what process this is and I want to see what exactly is going wrong here.


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Lets do one thing at a time, starting with updating the receiving PO value @cetecerp23

Yes we get this error code when i try to submit the value change from $somevalue to $0:


I am going to escalate that error to engineering and get back to you.


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Engineering has a fix for that error on the PO screen that should be out to you next week. I will continue looking into the RMA process.


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@Greg I’m attempting to replicate the error you are getting when you mention reconfiguring the serial number. In your example, above is FIG70011 acting as a component being consumed into an order specific BOM for FIG80024? Are you on the serials page of the re-work order trying to edit the serial for the top or component part and is there a specific error you are getting?

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Take a look at these two

RMA Rework order Serial
141 1342.1 D5WE400464
142 1343.1 D5WE400465

Started at FIG20001 and end up as FIG20014.

Looking at the serial 464 and 465, they still show as FIG20001.

See also

RMA (Re)work order Serial
187 1632.1 D5WE401032
188 1633.1 D5WE400597

RMA 185 and 190 are in process and not yet transacted with the same issue.

Hi @Greg ,

Following up on this, are RMA’s 185 and 190 working as expected?

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Seria D5WE400464 and 465 sill show only the original configuration FIG20001. They do no report out as the current configuration FIG20014.

RMA 185 and 190 are in process and not yet transacted all the way through.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for your patience on this post. I reviewed expected behavior for the Serials list that I wanted to relay over to explain what we are seeing.

Firstly, the Serial search filter is only designed to look at the ‘Serial’ column on the report, not also the ‘Top Level Serial’. To search by top level serials you will want to use the Top Level Serials report.

The second filter on the Serials List I wanted to give details on is the Top Or Component filter. This filter is looking at the Component # column. If you search by Only Top Level, then only lines with a blank/zero value for the Component # field. Inversely searching by Component Only components will search if there is a value and searching by Both will pull everything.

For the specific example you gave for invoice 1633.1 for part FIG20014 not showing up under the Top Serial List, if I go to that example and click into the Details/Serials tab I do not see a top level serial associate with the invoice. If I go look at the closed workorder I can see the serials tab and I’m wondering if this was added after the workorder was already closed and not getting captured onto the invoice.

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