Recurring Monthly charges

I could not find instructions for entering monthly recurring transactions such as car payment, insurance polieies, etc.

Please send instructions or direct me to the right location.

Thank you,

Hi Glenda!

Thanks for reaching out to the forum; happy to help you! After you create a manual ledger entry (Accounting>Chart/Ledger>Ledger>Add Entry), you can edit that ledger entry by clicking the entry button, see screenshot

When you click the entry number, you’ll see the ‘Create Recurring Entry From This Post’ button. See screenshot:

Next, you’ll be directed to the recurring entry edit screen. There, you will designate how many days/months/years you’d like this to recurr. Likely, you’ll select the ‘Month’ option for entries to post every month after the original posting. See screenshot here:

You can review all recurring ledger entries by navigating to ‘Accounting>Chart/Ledger>Recurring Entries’.

Let us know if you have any follow up questions here!