'Related Orders' for MRP Order # Filter

Since we build ‘battleships’ - we are very interested in checking an order with 100 sub orders to verify proper order completion without ordering for 10 battleships. Previously, we requested the ‘order need qty’ and we are looking to add more functionality to this field:

  1. Add ‘Include Related Orders’ button next to the ‘Order #’ filter
    Take for example Order 3610 - that order is 3610.1 all the way through 3610.102 - in order to verify that all orders are properly purchased for, we would have to put in 3610.1 all the way through. If we just put in 3610 (without any specific order detail), it gives us 0 on each ‘Order Need Qty’. Instead if there was a ‘Include Related Orders’, it could recursively review the needs of every order related to 3610.1.

  2. Allow for comma delineated 'Order #'s
    If we wanted to review a few orders at a time, it would be nice to be able to put 3607.1 and 3610.1, etc at the same time. For that search I would like the Order # search box input to read “3607.1, 3610.1” where it would return all needed materials and quantities for the listed orders.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec regarding these feature requests that you want to have added to your environment! I’ll create a ticket and have the engineering department look at this to see if it is feasible to develop these features within the parameters of Cetec along with an estimate on the billable hours required for this.

I’ll provide you an update on what they come up with as soon as they provide one!

Cetec ERP Support

Hey Chris,

I got an update from engineering regarding the 2 features you’re requesting:

  1. Adding the first feature is a great idea, but would be pretty slow development wise due to the complexity of it on the back end of things. This is a development item that’s going to take some time to complete.
  2. We’re working on a path to do the comma delineated process… this is also still in development and has been progressing slowly.

If you don’t mind… what page specifically are you wanting this on? MRP? PQuotes? I saw that you mentioned purchased for, but need some additional information on the context.

Cetec ERP Support

MRP is where we need it the most. Our purchasing wants to use MRP to drive our purchasing but as it stands, it not quite useful enough - that’s where this request is coming from.

Hi @ckrugman ,

On the MRP screen, we do have plans to make that Order search a multi-select order, but that’s not a short term change. It will also be included in a revamp of how that page works on a bigger level. Our timing for doing this is hopefully around Q3 or so.

Also on the MRP screen, the include related orders would be very slow, and we don’t have plans to do this at this time. This does seem like a useful suggestion for the product and it is something that we’d consider reviewing again in the future (perhaps as part of the larger redesign of the MRP page).