Release Inventory

Sometimes I need to release materials internally for testing. Do I need to create a work order to release any material even internally? how can I manage all internal requisitions for material?

Hi Fernando,

You could have users request parts via the ‘part request’ feature. They can go to production>part>part request and select ‘create part request(without order)’.

This will then notifier the warehouse picker to pick those parts for them/adjust them out of inventory for internal purposes. this way, you don’t have to create a work order.

You can create a reason code titled ‘internal use’ or somehting along those lines in the data maintenance table titled invshortagereason (admin>maintenance>data maintenance>invshortagereason) AND you can specify the default warehouse picker (the one who gets the notification of the part request) with this config: default_wh_picker_id (admin>config settings>config settings).

Not that config requires the user id, not the user name. You’ll see the user IDs next to the user names in the user list (admin>users>users).

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your assistance, but somehow the reasons listed in Production > Part > Part Requests don’t match at all with Admin > Maintenance > Data Maintenance > Invshortagereason.

Please see the attached pictures.

Also, please confirm Production > Part > Part Requests > Status - Status for what? how can I add or modified Status in our Data maintenance?



Apologies, the part request reasons are found at admin>maintenance>data maintenance>PartRequestReason

The status is set at the bottom of the page on the actual part request record, depending on the state of the request.