Release to Warehouse - Material Here On Date

On the Release to Warehouse screen there is a column that says “Material Here On”, where is that data pulling from? We have one order that says “Late” but the dock date on the associated PO is 5/22/24.

Hey @t.broussard

If you are short material and you have a PO coming next week, for instance, “Material Here On” literally tells you, “hey, that material is going to be here on this day.”

  • Cetec ERP Support

Yes I am aware of that, thank you. I am asking where the data/date is pulled from. Yesterday (5/16) I had updated the dock date on my PO to be 5/22, as of this morning my Material Here On column for that order still said late. It just now refreshed with the correct date Material Here on date on 5/17…is there a delay in the date updating on the release to pick screen then?