Released /Unreleased status for parts

I want to have this status of Released /Unreleased status for parts.
This is just for information.
So when I make a certain part Unreleased, and you try to create an order, CETEC should give you a warning.
This field of Released/Unreleased should be visible for the part in sales and orders.
It should be a check box.
Is there a feature that can do this?

Good Afternoon Ossama!

So Cetec currently has a feature something like this, when at the part record Edit page you can set a part to ‘Inactive’. This would make the part unable to be placed on purchase orders or work orders. You would still keep the previous data from that part it would just be shown as ‘Inactive’

To do this you will want to go to the Part Record Edit page. Once there you will click the ‘Delete’ button this will set that prcpart as ‘Inactive’ and will even display this at the top of the Part Record. You also can still search through these ‘Inactive’ parts via the Part List report.

Would this work for your needs here?

Cetec Support

This doesn’t help much I am afraid. Can we add a drop down in the part?
The way we have a drop down for RoHS status?
A similar option for released/unreleased would work for us