Relieved Parts not matching completed Qty

I have a Job for 580 Assemblies. All material was picked for the full job qty. We complete in batches off the job i.e. 50 off , 100 off etc and assign serial numbers as we go as we don’t know in advance the complete qty of the batch so splitting the Job was not used.

When completing a qty I amend the “Finished Qty” down to the batch size. This rightly then highlights that I have too many parts that are going to be “relieved” so i manually edit these down and update. Once all the warnings are clear I hit “Complete/Receive Product”.

This has worked fine for the first 4 batches but on the 5th, it has completed the 110 into stock but but has the remaining parts still allocated to this line and my remaining line which is now down to 250 has no parts picked. I have no stock left to pick from as they are still showing as picked on line 5, although this is complete.

The invoice for the line 5 seems to correctly show that parts were relieved for a qty of 110 only so I now don’t know what to do.

Links to the Job and invoice for line 5 are shown below.
You urgent help is required as I need to ship these parts as soon as possible.

Job -
Problem Invoice -

I look forward to hearing from you.


@Jason - we are looking into this right now. Will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.


It looks like all of the components on line 5 there were relieved properly when you shipped line 5. For some reason, the components on that BOM stayed reserved/picked onto line 5, even after they were relieved from inventory.

We’ve gone into each of those 30 or so components on that BOM and unlinked (unpicked) them from the shipped record of invoice line 5. You should be able to proceed with line 6 now.

We’ve attemped at great length to reproduce this problem… and haven’t been able to. Furthermore, the fact that there was no issue when you did this on lines 1 thru 4… and it only seems to have happened on line 5, well, possibly it was a fluke.

Is there anything you remember about the order of operations you took in the partial complete/receive of line 5 that was different than the order of operations on line 4, 3, 2, and 1? For instance, sometimes if you leave a separate tab open, update one screen, and then proceed to process the transaction on the other tab, it’s possible that that could cause some funny behavior.

Furthermore, when you say: “This rightly then highlights that I have too many parts that are going to be “relieved” so i manually edit these down and update.” - are you clicking “No” or “Yes” on the splash screen


Keep an eye out on this. It’s possible you are doing some quirk of behavior in your process that will be causing this to continue to happen, so I would encourage you to continue to check the components to see if they are getting left improperly linked/picked on lines that have already shipped. Perhaps if you can detect a pattern we might be able to nail this down to some odd step in your order of operations here.


Thank you so much for your quick response.
This has worked for all parts, but i think one was missed…P/N ELE3415131. this is still showing as picked on Line 5.
Can you please un-pick this as soon as possible.

PS - I think we may have sorted this ourselves now.

@Jason - yep, it looks like that P/N has been unpicked effectively now. Glad it is sorted.