Remove GL Entries in Bank Reconcile Report

We have four big GL entries from 2018 and 2019 when the company first started with Cetec that show up in the Bank Reconcile Report. Is the process described in this post the best and only way to remove them? Report for Unreconciled Bank Transactions - #5 by cetecerp16

Hi Sherri,
Again, apologies for delayed reply…Yes, that is likely the best process to handle those old entries, keeping in mind that the current year entry(ies) will have amounts that post income or expense to current year (2023) and so will need description explaining the need for this for accounting audit trail. I refer to this in the forum case link you provided (bonus points for finding that!). I’ll watch for any further questions you may have regarding this process.

CETEC ERP Customer Support

hehe, thank you for the bonus points! I do understand this aspect of going this route and will work with our accountant to be sure the trail is properly noted.

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