Removing / Deleting Serial items in Production Inspection page

Currently on (/otd/order/3346/inspection/3559) and i’m trying to correct the SN#'s associated with inspection record as it was typed incorrectly. I try to click on the red “X” but it doesn’t delete this serial line item…any sugestions as to why? I believe this worked in the past and is now NOT working…

Hi @regisphilbin,

Looks like the reason you’re unable to delete those serials is because that workorder is closed/invoiced.

Let us review and see what the best way to back things up to a point where you can change the serials would be. We’ll update you as soon as we have more information here.

got it. Thanks for the clarification.

Hey @regisphilbin,
Our engineers were able to track down the issue, and we’ve got a fix in the pipeline for you. Not totally sure when that will get pushed out, but likely by the end of the week.
Thanks for bearing with us here!

@regisphilbin Looks like the fix for this was issued a couple of days ago. Can you confirm that you are able to now delete those incorrect serials?