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I was looking in the software and I came upon a feature called custom form builder the navigation to this feature is ADMIN->MAINTENANCE->CUSTOM FORM BUILDER. I made a form in this feature but I cannot find the form kindly guide us the impact of this feature and the navigation to find the form in cetec. So that we will be available to do working with this form.
Rana Muneeb


We have limited info on this feature yet as this isn’t 100% up and running. Below I have some info about this feature.

  • The custom form builder lets users define their own custom forms. A form being a set of questions and responses.
  • The form is defined under Admin → Maintenance → Custom Form Builder → Create form
  • The list you find from following the steps listed above is a record of templates and responses. Where you can also edit templates and make new ones.
  • Currently, we only support forms for the new tools page for maintenance. You can overwrite the default form with a custom one.
  • We’ll soon expand this to cover other objects on the site, details about that will be included with the release notes for the update it is included with (likely our next update)
  • We’re removing the “object type” filter to keep things less confusing until the other object types are ready for use

We included this tool so users can customize the tool maintenance form before everything else is ready.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support

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