Restrict user - Inventory Cost edit

Is there a setting in the ‘Security by Role - Config Settings’ that restricts the user from being able to edit the average cost of inventory? I see a “Block Edit Part” that prevents changes to inventory bins but the user is still able to modify inventory avg cost.


You can disable “Can See Cost” for the user (you might have an easier time creating a Role titled “Hide Cost” and assigning that to the user), but note that doing so will hide the cost as well as the edit.
That’s probably the right move - the alternative is to block the Update using Access Control, which gets significantly more difficult (User Access Control & Customized Roles - you’d want to block the URL to handle the update (search for action “update_avg_cost” on the Access Control page).

Hope that helps!
Cetec ERP

Thanks! I see we have a “Hide Cost” in the config security settings but it is not showing on the list of roles when looking at the user edit screen.

You’ll have to create the role in data maintenance, [cetecURL]/tablemaint/Role/edit