Revision Change on Quote Changes All Parts

On quote 26228, we are trying to change 3 lines…lines 12,14 and 29 Lines 12 and 14 should be a 2021 Surlast Black revision and line 29 should be 2021 Surlast Smokey Granite revision. When we change line 29 to smokey granite lines 12 and 14 also change to that revision and vice versa. Can you take a look and see whats happening?

Hey Andy,
thanks for bringing this to our attention! Something definitely seems off here. We’re going to do some testing and try to get to the bottom of it for you. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Hi Andy,

We think we’ve gotten to the bottom of this issue. It has to do with the formatting of the Rev names. We’re going to have our engineers get started on a fix for it, but if it’s an urgent need then we can try to expedite it for you.


Haste would be appreciated as we have orders that we can’t finish entering because of this issue.


Just talked to our engineering team, the fix for this is done, we’re just going through some testing and validation, and will have it pushed out to your environment ASAP.

We’ll try to monitor it and update you here when we know it’s been done.