rework orders

currently you can not create a rework order off an internal customer order. We have the situation often where an order that is made to put stock on hand needs to be reworked but an internal order cannot be made. They can only be made from a custoemr order.

Please see this link.Cetec ERP

Can you please add this feature?

Hey Joe,

The rework order feature is something that’s used for an external customer order. I’ll coordinate with the team internally to see if there is another option that might be available for internal customers like an NCR or ECO potentially.

I’ll get back to you with an update on this as soon as I can.

Cetec ERP Support

yes, let me know what options they are to actaully create a order and put labor and material in an assembly and put the assembly back in to stock.

also in all of this, we have to be able to put the top level assembly on the BOM to pull it from stock to be reworked.