RMA and Serial Number Traceability

I’m working on validating the RMA feature for my company and have run into some issues with keeping the same serial number on a returned part.
The traceability is maintained through the process of Source Invoice-RMA-Receiving PO, but when I try create the serial number through create pieces in the receiving PO and add the same serial number back, it is adding a “-1” to the end of the serial number. In the RMA, I am adding the serial number as well when setting the return quantity, but the serial number doesn’t seem to travel through the entire process and then does not allow it be added to the part when being received, or if attempted manually once the part is already received. I know the function is intended to prevent duplicate serial numbers, but I thought the RMA process allowed for that specific serial number to be added back in.
If anyone has had this experience and found work arounds or if I’m doing something wrong during the RMA process please let me know.

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Hi Granthupp, I’ve posted the same question in the thread “dash 1 added to serial numbers” here: I haven’t received a response that worked in my case (I think ours are identical) but maybe you can try changing the configuration settings they mentioned. Please let me know if these changes work for you…

Hi Regis, we have the same config settings set up as you do and also were able to successfully do this in the past, but can no longer. Could potentially have some thing to do with the most recent updates.

That’s what I was thinking as well. This issue did not occur in versions previous to 4.04 ( I believe)

Did you find anything out here? or was support able to help you out?

We attempted to re-create this issue on the Beta-Dev Site but found that it worked properly on the beta dev site.

We created new RMA and Receiving PO based on an older Invoice, then tried to return a serialized part and see if we could receive a part we sold back into our inventory, with the correct serial number (without the “-1” )

In the case of the production (live) site, it didn’t work. But in the Dev site, it worked as expected!

Again, I posted info on that thread here: