RMA return - component within an assembled finish good

How can a customer return “portion” of an assembled kit? We sell a “Starters / Development” kit as an assembly. For example, this assembly might consist of ASY000001, along with Cables, and USB board and other accessories. If a customer wants to RMA just the ASY000001( a component within this assembly), how could they do this? Is there a way to go to the sales invoice and create an RMA based on a component of the sold assembly?

Hey Regis,

So unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to make an RMA directly tied to the invoice for that component. What you can do is just go to Sales>Invoices>RMA List and create one manually for that customer. You won’t be able to process it correctly if you input the customer PO, since that component technically doesn’t show up on the invoice. Just create the RMA for that customer and the part you want to credit them for, add some notes if you’d like some visibility on why/where the RMA is for and you should be good to go.

Thanks for the suggested work-around.