RMA rework order "Customer" changed?

In previous RMA’s, the “Customer” for the re-work relates to the actual customer (…/rma/111/edit) —> (/order/AE5138.1/view)

now, (since 4.0.1), anytime we create a re-work order, it shows up as “internal customer” instead. (…/rma/124/edit) —> (/order/AE5219.1/view)

Is this a bug or a change in the system? or is it something we’re not doing correctly?

@regisphilbin I don’t believe there’s been any change to the system behavior here.

If you’re issuing a rework order for the customer, i.e. not receiving the parts back in to stock, then the rework order should be for the customer. If you check the “Rework to Stock?” checkbox then the resulting order will be for an internal customer.

Do you have any examples of rwo’s that don’t seem to be fitting that behavior?

OK. Our mistake.

When “Rework to stock” was checked, rework WO was to “internal” customer.

When “Rework to stock” was not checked, rework WO was to the actual customer.