RoHS Checkbox - Non-BOM Part vs BOM Part

Since we define and manage individual parts as BOM’s, we 're wondering how we can manage the RoHS state of the “BOM’d” Part? the RoHS Checkbox doesn’t exist so we don’t know of a way to define this…

Also, If you create BOM item, then “Remove as BOM”, the RoHS button still doesn’t re-appear, yet it still exist when reporting on it and I haven’t found a way to change the state of this variable…

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Regis!

We’re going to have our engineers take a look and see if we can figure out why that field doesn’t seem to be present, even on parts that are removed as BOMs.

@regisphilbin - it looks like removing a BOM, and changing the part record from a BOM back into a raw component, was not re-enabling the RoHS field.

We’ve created a fix/patch for this, which should be going out with release 3.8 (coming Oct/Nov 2020!)