Sales Quote comments

The “Customer RFQ Details/Comments”, and “external comments” used to be a selectable box to print on the Sales/Quote/Send PDF. That has disappeared with 3.10.2. We use those fields a lot to relay additional information in the quote that is not a standard Ts and Cs footer or displayed elsewhere.

Will Cetec please return those fields to the Sales/Quote/Send PDF customization selection fields?

Thank you

Do you have an example of a quote where you’ve added these comments, but aren’t able to show them on the PDF? Looked through a few of your quotes but couldn’t find one with comments.

FWIW, I went back and checked an environment that was running 3.9.1, and the available options for what can be included on a quote PDF by default don’t seem to have changed at all:

3.10.2 (test1 is a bonus column, disregard that one)