Sales Quote Dates display

The date displayed on quotes is the “printed date”. For instance, i have a quote originally created in February 2021, and if i print it out today it shows January 2023.

For a variety of business reasons, it would be helpful to have some number of additional date fields both printed on the PDF as well as displayable in the “Quote List”.

  • Quote Created-on Date
  • Quote printed-on Date
  • Quote Valid Thru Date

We have had to use the default footer or the “External Comments” fields to add these information, but it is not in a reportable or sortable field and adds business risk when a customer tries to use a quote that is expired.

This would also facilitate customer follow-up for quotes that are nearly or just expired as well as closing our expired quotes for sales operations management.

Hi Greg,

Under Admin > Maintenance > Bonus Columns you can add quote bonus columns that will show up on the header. Below is example of what this might look like for Valid Thru.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Cetec ERP Support

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That worked like a charm!

Only thing was that the in the Query Builder, i had to select “Customer” from the drop down. If i left it as “(None)” as shown in your screen shot, the quote errored out on accepting and displaying the new field.