Sales Reports - Bookings by Month

Is there any report that exists where you can view a snapshot of bookings (and invoices) by month/year.
It would be awesome to see where we are over the months/years comparatively.

Hi Shawn,

Did you check out the bookings report already? It’s under Sales>Orders>Bookings and it has a date field that will allow you to select a start and stop date for the data shown.

Yes - and that is helpful for sure.

It would be nice to see this type of graph or information that showed all time at once to compare months or years.

This is a widget on the homepage - but cannot play with the date ranges etc.

In checking in with our team, it doesn’t sound like this is available within Cetec, although one idea would be to export the bookings report and put it in an Excel bar chart. Maybe that would get you closer?

I know that the Cetec ERP BI Platform is one option for this type of reporting. It’s also wrapped into the Enterprise support plan.

Let us know if you need more help on this!

Is there a way to run a bookings report that is accurate? I am working on comparing this year to previous years and the bookings are huge compared to what they should be. After digging in, it is counting the total when the order was entered and if there are any modifications made, the total is counted again making the bookings report double on some lines.

Hi Jennifer,

Are you using the “Action” column to sort your entries?
Can you specify which total you’re asking about?

I would expect the bookings report to list both the original booking and the modified booking in the same list (if the change was made in the same period as the initial order). And there should also be a way for you to differentiate those numbers rather than having them all pile on one-another.