Sales Roadmap: What does moving forward look like?

As we may all be familiar with, ERP selection can be an arduous task. We want to mitigate the difficulty with TRANSPARENCY and THOROUGH discovery.

This white paper explains our sales process and the goal of our team throughout: setting companies up for SUCCESS. We don’t want to set anyone up for failure by matching them to a platform that doesn’t suite their specific needs and desires for their company moving forward - we want to make sure that Cetec ERP would be the right fit!

After we’ve ‘qualified’ Cetec ERP as a good fit for the needs of a company, we begin the process of presenting the platform in a transparent manner (FREE, full-access trial and remote demos!) and further evaluation of how the company would implement and use the product on an ongoing basis.

If ERP selection is giving you a massive headache and you are interested in Cetec ERP, check out our white paper on the sales process. One of our greatest values is TRANSPARENCY, which we believe acts like Aspirin to ERP selection :slightly_smiling_face:

Cetec ERP Sales Roadmap: What Does Moving Forward Look Like? >>

Would love to hear others’ experience with ERP selection either with Cetec ERP or other products,ie:

  • what has been most helpful to you in selection,
  • what is most important to you in determining selection,
  • what is lacking in a typical ERP selection process in your past experience