Sales tax... again

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It seems there was an update that now requires the “Tax Group” data to be put in the address information for a customer when they are taxable or tax is not applied in the order.
So what is the correct Json code for that to happen? Do we use a number or the name we have for the tax group for the data?

Also, is there a place I can get some more info about how the “tax collected” field is supposed to be used? When we populate that with an amount it messes with the total amount received and applied to the order, so it would be nice if I could get some more details on how that field is supposed to work in conjunction with the money received to the order.

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We’re looking into this for you now and will get back to you with more information.

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Would you be able to send a screenshot of where you are being required to enter “Tax Group” data? In testing this, I’m seeing tax fields, but not required ones.

Also, which “tax collected” field are you referencing?

Thanks for providing additional detail on this,

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The field for “Tax Group” in the customer’s address is what has to populated in order for sales tax to apply on the order.

The “Tax Collected” Field in the upper right side of this image is what I’m referring to in my other question.


Okay, I think I have a better understanding of what you’re asking now. I think this help article from the Cetec website is a good place to start:

You can also search for other help articles on the website related to tax. If you don’t find the answers there or need some clarification, just let us know.


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okay, thank you.
I still need to know the Json information to add to our API when creating a customer/order that needs sales tax applied.

I checked in with our engineering team, and here was their response:

“I saw nothing available via our API to add tax groups to customer addresses or orders. We link tax groups to things like the customer addresses and orders through the tax group’s id and there is no api for tax groups either. You can set the customer as taxable if you pass “taxtype”: 1 as a parameter but that’s about the extent of it.”

Okay, but we are doing that, and the orders that come in through the API still do not have tax applied.
We have to then manually go in to the customer’s address and enter the tax group info before the sales tax gets applied to an order. We then have to manually receive a prepayment to the order because the system kicks out the prepayment from the API since it is higher than the value of the quote.
This is when a new customer and order is created through the API. If the customer already exists and is taxable, it’s fine, but when a new customer is created and they are taxable that we are running in to this issue.


Let me get this over to our team and see if they have more wisdom for you.

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Our engineers are putting in a fix for your issue. You’ll see it probably either at the end of week this week or next week.

Enjoy your day!

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