Sales tax has all of a sudden stopped propegating to our quotes & Invoices

Sales tax has all of a sudden stopped propegating to our quotes & Invoices. Im not sure what is happening with that, but could use some help getting it back online.

Hello Jeff,
I would be happy to assist you. Can you provide me with more details as to the steps you are taking creating a quote and Invoicing, and at what point you are seeing something different in regards to Sales Tax than what has been typical for you to see in the past? Screenshots would be very helpful if at all possible.

Thank you!
CETEC ERP Customer Support

Im happy to provide any screenshots you want… this issue has only just presented and I can’t figure out why…when I create a quote or invoice…there is no tax group associated with the customer even though taxable is selected in the customer profile… just says Tax (0%)… this has worked fine in the past and when I open an old quote or invoice for a taxable client… the tax shows up like normal… I am perplexed by why/how this could have changed.

Thank you for the additional information. It sounds like probably this is a new customer? for whom the tax maintenance steps have not yet been completed? Even though the customer profile does indicate “taxable”, there are steps that must be completed to set up the Taxing Authorities with tax rates and group them under Tax Groups, for each Customer as Sales Tax is based on delivery address. There is a brief tutorial (along with written instructions below the video) that explain “How to Manage Tax”. Typically this is an Accounting staff task with most companies, and so if your position is in a different capacity, you may want to direct the incomplete Customer Tax information to the Accounting staff to complete? Let us know if this is helpful, or perhaps if there is something else causing the sales tax to not populate to the quotes & Invoices.

CETEC ERP Customer Support

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