Sales Tax Issue


We’re facing an issue while vouchering the invoices. The sales tax value is not working in sync with the PO. Moreover, even after changing the sales tax value it changes again automatically back to original figure which is not correct. This is happening with every voucher since couple of days. Please fix this asap.
See the below screenshots for clarification.

Hi Cetec Team,
Any update on this?

We’re looking in to it, and we’ll update you when we know more.

If this is something time sensitive, that requires immediate support, please reach out to and we can set you up with an expedited support case that would be billed at our normal hourly rate ($250/hr).

This is definitely needs to be fixed asap as we have plenty of invoices to voucher however, I don’t think there should be added charges to fix this issue as this is a basic function of Cetec ERP which is not working.

Understood, what I meant was that we would be able to expedite our support of the issue ahead the way we do with Standard and Enterprise customers (as noted on our pricing page)

We have looked at this voucher using a backup of your data, and aren’t able to reproduce the issue. When we click the tax value to open up the tax details, it does show the tax amount you entered, but then all we had to do was click submit and it updated the tax on the voucher.

Can you walk us through the exact steps that were used to create the voucher and add the tax line, so that we can try to reproduce and test further?

Thanks for looking into this.
I also actually did click the submit after entering the tax amount and it did changed to desired amount of ~$80 however, click submit one more time and you’ll see the same old amount again. Check that voucher now and you’ll see the same old amount of ~$1000 there.

Thank you for the additional details, that type of information is very useful in isolating and troubleshooting issues like this.

Our engineering team was able to find the root of the problem, and are working on getting a fix pushed out soon. Most likely by the end of the week, but if you’re still having problems with it On Monday let us know.

Thanks alot for looking into this.
Since we’re talking about voucher, I’d like to bring one more issue to your attention. While uploading files in “Documents” section of any Voucher, if you’d include “&” in the file name and try to upload the file. After upload, the file name removes “&” for some reasons.

For instance, if you’d name a file “Cetec&Company” and upload it, the file name after uploading will look like “CetecCompany”.
It’s not a big deal and we’re working around it however, we do upload files as per our vendors name and it would be nice if this will be fixed.

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll investigate that, and update you if we find anything out about it.


Looks like this is by design. We remove all non-ascii characters, as we as these: * / \ : ? " > < | & %

In the situation, you best bet is to change the ampersand to the work “and” after you’ve selected the file, but before clicking upload.


Okay, thanks for looking into this for me.

We are having a similar issue. After I hit submit on a voucher it automatically adds a tax line. Before we could choose whether or not it’s added in and now I don’t know if it’s going to be added in until after the voucher is approved. It also won’t let me change the amount of the taxes.

@kali That could be related, though the symptoms do sound slightly different.
Can you walk us through your typical PO → Voucher process so we can try to recreate/test this for you?

Same issue even now.