Scanner for pick parts validation

Is there a way to use the scanner in the pick parts screen as validation for the picked part instead of picking and selecting what lot is pulled from? We would like to use the “Pick All Lines” option at the bottom of the pick parts menu to automatically select the FIFO parts. Then have the person physically removing the parts from the shelf scan the barcode they are removing parts from and get a “beep” green correct, or “bad” red incorrect part scanned.

That is an interesting idea. Though would likely require a pretty significant amount of development to make work, and to create some settings around which type of functionality gets used in each environment for the scanner.

Also, it seems like your scenario would require pick all parts to be assigning the serial numbers, which is a totally different can of worms, that we purposefully don’t do.

Typically the user performing the pick would just use the scanner to scan the lot code, then scan the serial code, which registers the pick. Is that not what’s happening for you all?