Scanning of Bin Locations to Put Away Parts

Do you get any type of alert if you try to put away a part in the wrong bin location after scanning the part and then the bin location barcode?Looking for a way to help reduce human error and eliminate parts being put away in wrong bin location.

Hi Lori! I think someone already emailed you about this, but just in case anyone else is looking for information about this situation:

We have a new feature (this latest release - last Friday) that allows you to specify bins in the ‘Preferred Bin’ field and force users to select that bin when you put away. It’s a configuration setting titled ‘Force Preferred Bin’.

Once you activate that setting, it doesn’t allow you to put the part away in any other location and gives you a warning.

Again, in order to force users to put them away into those bins, they have to be outlined in the ‘Preferred Bins’ section on the part record (under the warehouse edit).