we have notice an issue with scanning. we use a barcode reader to scan the order number on a plate to input the order number in the search bar in cetec. Recently the scanning stop working on all computers. as fo right now, i have two work orders in my hand. 22237.1-4 and 23831.1-2

22237.1-4 will scan just fine.

23831.1-2 wont scan.

We have notice that any work order higher than 237xx.x-x will not scan and anything lower will still scan.

It makes me believe that the barcode generator cetec is using to generate the barcodes is generating properly any more. Can you pelase take a look at this?


Can you confirm what document you are using to scan? Are you using the plate, work list, full order plate, or the part pick list?

Let me know!


Cetec ERP Support



I’ve escalated this to our engineering team. We will get back to you ASAP with an update.


Cetec ERP Support


Engineering has a fix for this and it will be to you in the next 7-10 days.

Let us know if you have more issues.


Cetec ERP Support

@ElectricalAccess Actually, you have a custom doc for your plate that wasn’t going to receive the fix we’re working on for the defaults version of the document.

Our engineers went in and made that same change to your custom doc, and you should be back to being able to scan the barcodes on your plates for any that are created/printed now.

Please let us know if you’re still having issues.


why is our doc custom? We do not need a custom doc

also, just tested and the barcodes still do not scan

Can you please provide us with a link to the document you printed that isn’t scanning? Feel free to send it as a direct message if you’d prefer.

Also, can you confirm for us what the printer settings you’re using in the chrome print window are so that we can try to match as closely as possible in our testing? Things like paper size, scale, and margin can impact how effectively the barcode is rendered when printed.

i am not sure what you are talking about. we are trying to print the plate for any work order.
paper size 9.5x11 (standard paper size
scale: fit to printable area
margin: normal margins

all of our setting are google chrom defaults.

There are 2 different plates you could potentially be talking about here. There is the “Full Order Plate” and each ordline will have it’s own separate plate.

What page are you on when you are trying to print the plate? What link/s do you click to generate the PDF that you’re printing? When the pdf is generated, what is the URL shown in the address bar of your browser?

And, just to confirm, did you mean 8.5x11 paper?


just to ber clear, are all work order already printed suppsoed to scan. The ones that didnt work before, are they suppsoed to work now?

yes, 8.5x11

Any that you already have physically printed out (more than ~8 days old) would not have the change we made. Those would need to be reprinted in order to get the fix we implemented.

If you’re still having trouble with newly printed ones, can you please provide the link to the PDF of one of the plates you’re having trouble with.

Thank you!

ok, this is a misunderstanidng.

yes, new plates work fine.

I thought you said the ones already printed would start working.

Also, why do we have a custom plate? What is different than the noral plate? I am talking about the work order line plate.

There’s no real way to tell how long the custom version has been in place, or why it was put in to use initially. A lot of times custom doc work happens early on in a company’s Cetec use, and doesn’t really change much after that. Once that process is in place, it usually becomes a matter of stasis, where it doesn’t get thought about again until something needs to be addressed.

You’re always welcome to go to Admin > Config Settings > Custom Documents List and look through which of your PDFs are currently using custom template files. You can also click through to any individual document, and use the “Revert to Default” link to stop using the custom version. It’s a good idea to download the current version before doing this, that way if you discover that the default version isn’t going to work for you you can re-upload the customized file.

Glad the newer documents are scanning properly! Sorry for the misunderstanding there. Let us know if you need anything else!

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