schedule issues 2-26-24


I apologize for the delay. This is still being worked on. I will let you know as soon as I have an update.


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Thank you so much for your patience on this post. This was a tricky one to reproduce, but it looks as though the root issue is changes mode to the schedule mode. When looking at the schedules they appeared split and it didn’t make sense why this was occuring, and we could not reproduce. I tested an order by setting the schedule mode to ‘piece’, scheduling the line, then changing the mode to parallel and rescheduled the line. Since the scheduled segments were already broken up by pieces, when they were rescheduled as parallel the segments remained split. It looks like this was also causing the issue with the capacity filling up the 28 hour segments.

As new orders are scheduled under parallel it should work as expected and these old ones flush out over time. Can you confirm new orders originally scheduled in parallel are working as you expect?

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As far as I know, all orders have only ever been scheduled under parallel. Aside from maybe testing out other options because parallel wasn’t working. Our outsourced locations have been set to schedule mode: split, but all our production locations are parallel. Is this causing a problem?

I have not yet looked at the schedule since I was told the fix won’t be rolled out until 4.14.

Hi @Eduff,

I don’t think that would have caused the problem. The only way I’ve been able to replicate is to schedule in split mode, change is to parallel and reschedule. If I take the same part in your example and run it through a sandbox, scheduling it as parallel it schedules how it’s supposed to.

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The settings for all of our locations have always been parallel. (Only recently did someone switch outsource locations to split). Is there another place, aside from the Ordline, that could cause split or parallel?

I’ll have to run some new tests, but my final test showed that the start/end work day time directly impacted the parallel segments when it probably should not have any impact.

My last test showed that one work order was filling up 3/4 of the locations overall capacity when it should only be filling up one segment worth of the overall capacity.

I have been dealing with this issue for so very long. Now you are again saying that it is not a bug? The previous response was that it is a bug and the fix will be out soon.