Scrap Adder

We currently use the Scrap Adder feature on Jobs when adding material required that does not match the total job qty.
i.e. Job for 10 assemblies but I only need 2 of a certain part that will cater for the complete qty of 10.
We set the Qty per to 0 and put 2 in the Scrap Adder field.
If the part is in stock - not a problem and I can go ahead and Pick 2 as per the requirement.
However if the part is not in stock it does not push through to MRP and show as a requirement to purchase? Why would this be?

This is an example…Line 18 on the BOM.


Scrap should be factored in to your MRP / Allocation need. Note that the MRP / Allocation numbers do not update immediately - you’ll be able to see the state of that data by looking at the Order Material Report (linked from the sidebar of the Workorder under Maint/Etc as ‘Order Material’), e.g.

(Note: If you want to find when the Allocation process was last run, you can see that on the MRP screen)

Hope that helps!

Cetec ERP