Scrap Factor

I am having trouble understanding the scrap factor allowance. It seems similar to an issue in a post from Oct 2023.

I see the columns in the BOM Overview:

When I edit the revision BOM, as I saw described in the documentation on Scrap Factor vs Scrap Adder, is see:

It does not show me a way to set the scrap factor for a component.

We have the global scrap factor set to ‘3’, but not enabled.

Am I missing something?

If you click the “+/- Columns” link just above the list of components you should be able to show the scrap factor column, and then you can edit it from there.

The column is hidden by default, but once you’ve shown it that setting should be saved to your user profile and you’ll see it on subsequent “Edit Revision BOM” pages that you open.

Yep, that was it. Didn’t think of that. Thank you.

You’re welcome, have a great day!