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I have a suggestion for making it possible to search by bin by using barcodes, e.g. if we’d like to do this while we are in the warehouse.

Lets imagine that there is a bin 001-002-003 with some parts.

When we scan in the barcode for a bin using the label that Cetec generates, it will enter BIN001-002-003 into the search. It won’t find any bins. You will, however, find a list of parts if you type in 001-002-003 without “BIN”.

My suggestion is to have a scan of BIN001-002-003 take you to the “Part List by Bin” report , where it enters in 001-002-003 into the “Bin” field and hits submit.


We appreciate the suggestion! It’s good to hear from our users how Cetec ERP can best serve you in your actual day-to-day use of the software. I’ll pass this on to our product management team for future consideration.

Enjoy your day,
Cetec ERP Support

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