Search string not working

Using the new tick box to isolate the search not populating results:

Good morning,

From what I can tell, after testing that search checkbox with AUB, EZO, and then BDX in the search field, that checkbox is meant to work with PRC codes. When I tried R6, I also saw no results. But I did try typing R6% into that search field and not checking the checkbox, and I was able to pull up a list of parts that had R6 somewhere in their part number.

Does that help?

Cetec ERP Support

Understood - TY

So really it doesn’t work - because with or without the “%” you will get results containing the search characters. The option states it should search the prcpart or description - so it should only show the “R^” as a description and should populate only “R6” for example.

I would agree that I’m not sure that putting in the % sign is making a difference in the search. When looking at this again, I got the same number of results when searching for R6 as I did when searching for R6%. Either way, though, whether searching by typing in R6 or R6%, the report does populate a list of parts that have R6 in either the title, the description, or both.

To answer the original question on this thread, it looks like the checkbox is working as intended. The checkbox hover tip says, “Search For Parts Starting With Search String Only.” Since the PRC code is what a part starts with, I went to your PRC list and did not see a PRC code that starts with R6. This means that, if I go to the part list, type in R6, and check the checkbox, I would expect to get 0 results, since there are 0 parts starting with R6.