Separating BOM & Labor Mark-Up Values

Within a BOM Worksheet, is it possible to apply distinct mark-up percentages to each of the “Material Total” and the “Labor Total” values?

For example, I am trying to accomplish something similar to the below:

Material Total = $100 with a desired gross margin mark-up of 20% (or $125)
Labor Total = $100 with a desired gross margin mark-up of 50% (or $200)
Total Resale = $325

I have attempted to use a Procurement Charge, a Labor Multiplier and a Labor Adder however I am unable to arrive at values similar to the above.

Any insight on this would be appreciated.


Here’s a helpful article about how to accomplish this: Quoting, BOM Estimation, Job Costing, & Order Entry

I specifically looked at the Labor & Production Path section. Take a look and let us know if specific questions arise after working through that.

Cetec ERP Support