Serial numbers across PRC part numbers


I am having trouble setting a global serial number that is unique across PRC part numbers. I am looking for a serial number format that I can set in the default format that will be unique across different part numbers. The config settings appear to imply that this is possible but I am not sure that my settings are correct

I am attempting to set the follow config settings:
Force unique serial numbers = 1
Unique serial numbers only within a PRC part = 0
Serial Global increment = 1

But when generating part numbers it only remains unquie within a single part number.

Am I missing something or is this not a capability within CETEC?

Thank you!

are there any community members using automated global serialization within CETEC?

@paulv @regisphilbin

This should be possible… it sounds like your config settings are set correctly if this is the aim.

What is your “serial format” keyword in Admin >> Config Settings >> Formats (Serials etc.) - ? Also, do you have serial formats specified in the part records themselves (if so, those would override and establish uniqueness… which is not what you want).