Set Production Capacity # Users


What is the purpose of the “# Users” field in the production capacity edit screen? Does it relate to parallel work in that location?

All of our locations say 400 users, and I’m wondering if I can set these to default to a different number. Right now, when I change a number from 400 to any other value and hit update, if I exit and reopen that day on the calendar, it goes back to 400. I found the capacity value in OrdlineStatus, but I don’t see a user count option there.



Hey Alex,

Could you provide a link to the exact screen you’re looking at so I can take a deeper look?

Thank you!

Cetec ERP Support

When I click any date on this screen each one says 400 in the # Users field. Hopefully, this helps! Thanks.


I am escalating this to engineering and will get back to you!

Thank you!
Cetec ERP Support

Great, thank you.

Any progress on this? Just checking in. Thanks!