set up labor time

If I have a “set up” 1 x labor time of 24 hours in my labor plan, does that include non-working hours? or will it bump the time 3 working 8 hour days later?


If I understand your question correctly, you’re wanting to know how labor plan hours translate into number of working days; did I get that right?

If that is your question, the answer is that the 24 hours you set only includes working hours.

To see how many hours your workday is set as, I checked your configuration settings by going to Admin > Config Settings > Config Settings and looking at both the “hours_per_workday” and “hours_per_workday - MN” settings. It looks like both of those are set to 7, meaning you have 7 hours per workday.

Does that clarify things?

Thanks for your business, and enjoy your day!

Cetec ERP Support

Yes. thanks!