Shipengine Setup Question

Hello. I am working on getting shipengine running in our cetec environment. I have the setup done according to the walkthrough video, and I have logged out and back in, but the fields for entering package weight and size and the button to “add package” is not showing up in the invoice/ship screen. Is there an additional config value I need to change somewhere? Thanks.

Hi Alex!

I took a look at your environment and it looks like you are ready to start creating shipments but there will be a few things to change first. Under Admin → Maintenance → Data Maintenance in the LNAME table, the state and countries will need to be formatted to two characters. For example United States would need to be US. This goes for your ship to addresses as well.

Also, under Admin → Maintenance → ShipEngine Settings I believe you will need to fill out the default carrier IDs at the top and then for any of those other Ship methods that you plan on using.

There were some changes this last release but the ShipEngine shipments should be contained under the ‘More Options’ when you are on the Invoice/Ship page. From there you will need to add a shipment which you can then add packages to and when you are done, just click the create labels button. The labels will be attached to the order as a document.

If you have any errors at this step or have any other questions just let us know and I’d be happy to help!


Thanks for the detailed response. So I went in and adjusted our address in the LNAME table. I then went into ship engine settings and filled out the carrier Ids for UPS Ground and FedEx Ground. I’m not sure I understand what values to put in the “Default USPS”, “Default UPS”, and “Default Fedex” fields? According to the little “i” bubble, it says it’s related to third-party billing. I have a test order that I made to try this out and the “ship to” for that customer has “WI” and “US” for the state and country.

I just noticed that when I selected something from the “Insurance” drop-down I could hit “add shipment” and now the boxes are showing up. Maybe that’s all I was missing! I’ll try making some labels and see how things go. Thanks again!


So we did a test label and it worked great. I just have a couple of quick follow up questions from our shipping person. He was first wondering if there was a way to enter additional information in reference fields? I believe in the program he was using before this (UPS worldship) there were a couple of fields you could put whatever info you want in.

Also, how do we set up an order to ship collect so the customer’s account number is charged instead of ours? I went into the “carrier accounts” tab for our customer and entered their account number in the correct ship method. I also went into SHPCDE in data maintenance and set that ship method to “Collect”. Is that all I need to do? Is there a way I can verify that this would have billed how we intended?


Hi Alex,

Glad your initial test went well!

There are three reference fields on the order edit page near the bottom.

For customer carrier accounts there are a couple of options. You can:
1) Go to the customer record, click on ‘Carrier Accounts’ from the side navigation and input an account number per ship method for that customer. (It sounds like you did this one)
2) Go to the customer record, scroll down to their addresses and click the ‘Carrier-Accts’ link and input a carrier account per address per ship method.
3) Set the carrier account on the order record to the account number you want to charge

For every order that you are using ShipEngine with, near the bottom there will be a message that displays showing which carrier account you are using and where that information is pulling from.


Any Ship Method can be used as long as you have a service and carrier ID input so if you are using ‘Collect’ Ship methods for when your customers pay for the shipping just make sure that ship method has a carrier ID, service code and the customer carrier account number is filled out.

Unfortunately there is no way to validate the billing in Cetec. We show which account will be billed on the order like I mentioned before but that is as far as it goes.


This looks great! As far as my billing question, the area that says what account is going to be billed is perfect, so no worries there. I did another test and have a couple of questions quick. I went into this customer record and set a “carrier account number” for “UPS Collect” and also set an account number in the address area. After doing this I entered an order with this customer record and used “UPS Collect” as the ship method. When I entered the order, the carrier account doesn’t seem to have pulled into the order? Is there another step in there that I’m missing?

But after I enter the order if I go into the header and add the account number to that specific order, it seems to work. If I can get this figured out, I think we will be all set to ship within cetec. We look forward to eliminating a couple of applications from our workflow! Thanks for your help with this.

Edit: Here is the invoice I’m testing with

Hi Alex,

It looks like the reasoning behind this is because in the SHPCDE data maintenance table there are some ship via’s that have codes that do not match the IDs. Did you have a specific reasoning these didn’t match? We have a script to fix these and any transactions that use the ship via’s but I was curious if you knew why these might be different?

If you were to manually update that ‘UPS Collect’ to match the ID and then just click update on the order you should be able to remove the carrier ID field and on the ‘Invoice/Ship’ page for that order it should say it is pulling from the Customer Carrier Account. The best solution though would be for us to run that script to fix the ship codes and associated transactions but I did want to run that by you first.

Thank you!


I see the issue you are describing now. The “Code” you are referring to is the field on the far left side of the SHPCDE data maintenance field, and they are supposed to just match the ID number to the left of them, but ours have letters that are shorthand versions of the “name” of that ship method. I think this is something we carried over from the way our old ERP system worked (dynamics GP).

Updating them manually in the SHPCDE field would be easy, but I imagine it would create problems in open orders using these ship codes? Is that where the script comes in? If it’s not a concern for open orders, I can just type in the correct ID numbers. Otherwise, I’d be interested in you guys running the script to clean it up.



Hi Alex,

You are correct, the script updates open orders that are using those ship codes so that they also match the ID. I will put that in for Engineering to run for you tomorrow.

Excellent, thank you!

Hi Alex,

We ran it this morning so you should be able to continue testing with the carrier accounts and if you have any more questions I’ll be happy to help!


I took a look at the SHPCDE tables and it looks like the script did what it was supposed to which is great! I have one more question after some more testing. It does appear to be pulling in the carrier account numbers from the tab called “CARRIER ACCOUNTS” on the left side of the part record, which is cool, but some of our customers have multiple ship to addresses within a single customer record, and I see that there is a separate table within each address called “Carrier-Accts”. I’m finding that when I select an address, it’s pulling in the account numbers from the customer record, not the individual address. Here is my test quote. I have the account number in the customer record set to “123456789” and the account number in the specific ship-to address set to “987654321”, so it’s easy to tell which one the system is grabbing.



Hi Alex,

This was actually something I noticed when I was testing out the SHPCDE issue and put in for Engineering to fix as well. That fix has now been deployed to you. To test you may have to reselect the ship to and shipvia but I checked it out just now and was getting the correct carrier account depending on whether a ship to had been selected.

Let me know if you come across anything else!

Thank you so much for helping guide me through this. I also appreciate the hotfix on the SHPCDE issue. You guys are always a pleasure to work with! I’ll walk our shipping people through this and let you know if I come up with anything, but it’s looking great in testing.