Shipment Tracking #

The Shipment Tracking number search in sales/invoices is pretty awesome in the invoice list search.

BLUF: It would be incredibly useful for Tracking Number fields and searches to be available for RMAs. We have particular interest in having incoming and outgoing Tracking Numbers (and search) as a new field for sales/invoices/RMAs.

For example, we had an incoming RMA for which the Freight Forwarder gave us their House Air Way Bill (HAWB) and billed us. We collected the costs to the repair quote/work order but had no way to add the HAWB to the RMA or the receiving PO for the shipment to us. When the customer subsequently paid for the bill and we got a credit from the Freight Forwarder, there was no way to look up the HAWB and to correctly apply the credit to the RMA and repair quote.

We do not want to add the HAWB to the repair quote (in the tracking number field) as it would confuse both us and the customer since the HAWB on quotes are reserved for outbound shipments to the customer.

@Greg So just to summarize, what you’re suggesting would be adding incoming and outgoing traacking fields to RMAs, is that correct?

Yes–incoming tracking numbers and outgoing tracking numbers would be great at the RMA level

It could also make sense to have it on the receiving PO header which may have additional utility beyond RMAs since the receiving PO is also applied to purchase orders for vendors.

Either location could be argued to make sense. BUT:

  1. if the former, it needs to be displayable/searchable/sortable, preferably as part of the ‘open RMA’ display columns or search fields
  2. if the later, it needs to be displayable/searchable/sortable, preferably as part of the ‘open PO’ display columns or search fields.

Having the data buried and not searchable will substantially diminish the utility of the field

Thanks for that info @Greg

We’ll take that suggestion to our development team for future consideration, definitely seems like a reasonable request and likely to get some traction for being added to a future update.

In the meantime, if your need for this feature becomes more pressing, you can reach out to and they can connect work on getting you a quote to expedite the development there.