shipping service

I’m trying to clean up our shipping Service table (…tablemaint/SHPCDE/edit) as some of the “code” values don’t match the “ID” values. see 2 attachment. I try to re-configure them but i just get the following error. What am I missing?

Now that we’ve used the system a bit more, i’d like to make it such that the pull down shipping menu has all the shipping companies offerings together…ie. FEDEX, UPS and USPS offerings would be grouped together…how would I go about doing this?

@regisphilbin I think what’s happening here is that, when you’re trying to make the update the system is seeing that the codes are currently set, and therefore not letting you make the change. What should hopefully work for you here is to change those two codes to something unique that isn’t already in use, and then you should be able to change them again to the desired codes.

Let us know if that works for you!

so when I try to give it a unique code that hasn’t been used, like “234”, I get a different error message: Updated Blocked. see attached image.